Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's been an INCREDIBLY long time!

           Yes, I know. I've been neglecting My blog. But, a lot of shit has happened since My last entry and I've just been very busy with a lot of different things. This blog was the last thing on My mind.. However, I now have a new website which you've clearly been to or you wouldn't be here! Or maybe not, and maybe you found your way here by some other way that I don't know about. So if that's the case, head on over to My New Website and check it out!

           What to say about the last year and a half? Well, I moved a good few times. Went to automotive school for a year, loved it.. Hoping to go back next fall.. Tried My hand at living outside the valley, hated it.. Now I'm back and in a very comfortable spot with a secure place for ALL My hearses. That's the important bit! I now again live with My best friend and fellow Mistress, Mistress Snovia Terror. We are currently working on launching a new site and clipstore called Fort FemDomme. It's going a little slower than expected, but We are making progress...

Bitch couldn't even do 10 pushups..

            Oh, I also have a new Boyfriend. He is an Alpha of course. We met in one of the hearse clubs, of course. He is better than you, let's just get that out of the way, LOL! you could only dream of such things.. We make quite the Alpha pair. I occasionally share a photo of Him and Myself on My twitter, but I'm not going to share here. you'll just have to go stalk My twitter and find it or wait like a sad little puppy dog until I post another one. 

            What else... Oh, Jimmy is supposed to go into the shop for restoration soon. Although Streamate has been very, very, ABYSMALLY slow lately. Perhaps it's just the holiday season but I have a feeling it's something more than that (constant site glitches, anyone?). I have been doing a lot more "independent" cam site work such as on CamModelDirectory and just Skype in general. I joined MyGirlFund, PantyDeal, and soon to be LiveCamModelShows. Perhaps even SkyPrivate. I am trying to branch out because Streamate has just taken a huge dive over the last few months and it's incredibly annoying. 

           Oh, other big news, I mostly stopped doing live sessions. I do not post an ad up anymore on Backpage. Here's My take on it... When 50 shades of grey came out, we had everyone and her mother getting into that shit. Not just on the submissive side, it opened up a whole new world of what people thought BDSM was to a whole new crowd (a shitty, uneducated and dangerous crowd if you ask Me). While that can be construed as good in some ways, I believe it has really hurt the community. Everything is much more watered down, there are so many self proclaimed Doms and Dommes out there that really have no fucking clue what they are doing and no desire to figure it out because they think the D/s relationship in 50 Shades was actually what a D/s relationship is supposed to be..

        If this was a .gif I'd be rolling My eyes...

           On the other hand, now we have a HUGE amount of PROSTITUTES all over the place saying that they are also Dommes. What happens now is they also offer sex services in the same breath. So now nearly every new client that comes to My door expects to have sex at the end of the session. Then shit starts to get REALLY awkward. They want their money back even though it is VERY clear in the ads they are responding to that no sex or illegal play is offered or allowed. They just don't seem to understand this. After having a close call with a dangerous and insane person, I just called it quits. 

          HOWEVER. I am not completely taking live sessions off the table. The only people I will offer live sessions to are people I get to know on some basis, people who I feel out and decide that they are 1) WORTHY of My live time and attention, 2) ABLE to pay My premium rate (because if you're a broke ass bitch keep on movin because I have no interest in you), 3) RESPECTFUL of My rules and are not just there because they want a hand job or worse (it's not all about you) and 4) UNDERSTANDING of what My requirements are and be eager to meet those demands. If you are not all of these things in addition to Me getting to kind of know you a little, you will not be offered live session. Because of all the losers, it has ruined it for everyone now and now you must be considered a member of an exclusive club of sorts to even get the chance to see Me. Too bad, so sad. I'm not heartbroken about it at all!

          Anyway I think that's about it for now. Hopefully I won't go so long without updating you all next time. But if I do... well that's just too bad I guess! Hahahaha...

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