Thursday, May 1, 2014

End of an Adventure - Ex-posted from Previous Blog from August 9th, 2012

Well, I figured I'd just copy and paste this from the message I posted on the KinkLive forums. This is whats currently going on:

Hi E/everyone. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been on KinkLive for a couple of days and that I ended early the last time I was on. You may have also noticed that I'm not on the schedule anymore. I am here to tell those of you who have been My loyal fans for almost the past year the unfortunate news that I will no longer be broadcasting with KinkLive.

When I first came here to Kink, they had never had a Domme-only model, let alone a model who did not masturbate on cam! I was confident, and I showed that I could hold My own and indeed was one of the top models for a long time. However, that has changed. With a combination of a declining economy, the new changes to kink that have seemed to drive away some of the regulars, and some of My regulars just disappearing for various reasons (that most of them have shared with Me), I just have to move on to other things. I know that there are many of you who did not visit My shows simply because I wasn't your cup of tea and that is totally fine. But to those of you who visited Me regularly, be you a sub or slave or just someone who liked to come in an chat, I deeply regret the fact that I have to do this.

I am moving on to other projects, but I will still be remaining in the Pro-Domme and Lifestyle Domme world (naturally!). I want to thank each and every one of you that has supported Me throughout the last year. I also want to thank the AWESOME people at KinkLive in LA especially, and the great people up in san fran (that especially includes you kedra and missbigguns!). I want to thank you all for giving Me a chance when you didn't know if My way would work for your site, and believing in Me and supporting Me. Franko from down here at KinkLiveLA, I especially want to thank you for being so freakin awesome and supportive and just a fun guy. I will miss you ALL, this is a very hard decision I have had to make.

I realize that I could have stayed to the end, but I need to focus My attention elsewhere now. I will never forget you guys, and I hope someday soon we can have a reunion. To all My fans, you can keep up with Me on My website at or on twitter as @LadyXavialune Please go to the site, join the forum, start chatting, keep in touch because I have met so many great people on this site and I really don't want to lose contact with you guys. Thank you all again and I hope you'll miss Me as much as I'll miss you!

Stay kinky E/everyone.


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