Friday, May 2, 2014

My First Wrestling Match..

          As many of you already know, I recently started working at the Catsuit Lounge with the lovely Madame Jade. She's been throwing lots of stuff My way, and while I've been doing this for almost 19 years now, I have certainly not done everything there is to do (I'm always learning!). And last night was no different, as I was getting ready for one of My regulars to come in, Jade told Me I had another appointment straight after for "fantasy wrestling". I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive. Having never done any sort of fantasy wrestling before, it was going to be a trial by fire for sure! I had always seen stuff on clips4sale involving femdom wrestling, and you'll often see the studios dedicated to it in the top 50 clipstores and many of those types of clips in the top clip list. But I always thought to do the femdom wrestling, you had to know moves and you had to be pretty buff like what you see with the muscle builder fetishes..
          Well, this time I admit I was wrong. While that does help sometimes, not all guys are into that body builder type. And the session itself turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be. Before the session, Jade came in and set up the mats for Me. She was gracious enough to give Me a short crash course on what to do, but assured Me it would be fun and easy. He eventually arrived and I let him know I was new to this, and that the only rules were no serious upsidown or weird angled roughage and to above all be mindful of and very careful with the boobs (don't want them popping under pressure or from a fall or hit). Jade had mentioned a roleplay he also wanted involved so I asked him and he had come up with a great idea..
          I don't normally do roleplaying. That's not to say I'm not into it, but for some reason the clients who call Me up don't normally ask for it (unless it involves some kind of AB/DL kind of thing). Most of My sessions are based in reality, meaning we're doing a scene where I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not and neither are you. Real Domme and sub action. But I'm always open to new ideas, so I ran with this one. I have to say, it was the most fun I have had in a session in a long time!
(Here's Me straight after.. a hot mess but luckily no makeup smudges!)
          We had an hour and a half of roleplay and wrestling, having the upper hand on and off, switching between power. That's not something I usually do, either, but in this case it was appropriate for the scene. I've been going to fit camp 3 times a week and I was rather sore from Wednesday's class, but nowhere near as sore as I was destined to be after this workout! When people say fantasy wrestling, what usually comes to mind is playful, not serious tumbling around. That is NOT what this was. I was using all of My strength throughout the session, and after he admitted he was also using *most* of his. I was quite proud really, going up against a good sized, healthy grown man for that long! All the while still playing within the bounds of the roleplay.
          After it was over we had a few minutes still to calm down, drink some water and chat. He was a very nice fellow, and I would not hesitate to see him again. He was very sweet and I was glad to see that he enjoyed our session very much. I surprised Myself this time, getting so into the roleplay that it just came so natural that it almost was reality! You know the type of scene, the one that just fits. You must also know the other type, stiff, forced, one that just makes you feel silly. This was the opposite! I also surprised Myself how natural the fantasy wrestling part came to Me. Even though I had never done it before, I instinctively knew what to do..
          I will certainly not shy away from any more wrestling sessions, and may practice a little with My slave to prepare for perhaps some new clip content for My clips4sale store. I can safely say, though, that fantasy wrestling will be added to My repertoire of kinks! What about you, would you try a wrestling session with Me in a bikini?

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